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I Can’t Read This #@$% Book!

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How much crappier can this book get? 

While I begin my research on the topic, “What Should Be Our Basis of Belief in the New Testament?”, I find myself reading a book that I am ready to attack. 

You wanna know what book is that? 

Spong. ‘Jack’ Shelby Spong, the most noteriously radical scholar that exists in modern times.  

While I have read nearly half of his book, I have two feelings that are being intertwined within (1) Amusement and (2) Disgust. There are no other honest words that I can think of describing his work, Jesus For The Non-Religious.

Although Spong promotes nothing new with his theological heresies (somewhat similar to his other work, ‘Why Christianity Must Change or Die’) or bothers to address the answers that theologians have put forth for the last century and a half, this book is worth a good laugh. By making a couple of quick glances throughout his book, his book seems awkwardly similar to a Twilight novel. Just like the book, Spong rejects nearly everything about our understanding about Jesus and New Testament in favor of his refashioned view. 

Instead of accepting what is commonly understood about him (i.e., Christ being the incarnate form of God the Son), Spong supposedly has a new rendering of his existence where he no longer reigns as Christ the Myth, and Judas is somehow a literary (fictional) character in the New Testament. Without any credible historical and factual evidences put forth by Spong, sometimes I am left to wonder whether he expects anyone to take his work seriously or give into his astute arrogance.

If only I could make a bon fire.




  1. Fantastic views on that!

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