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Reader’s Email…From a Pastor!

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After selling 16 copies this past summer, I have finally managed to receive actual feed back from a fellow reader. Surprisingly, this was an email from a pastor whom I have sold the book to. The good thing about the email is that it was a positive one.


I’ve been meaning to write during the past week; I finished your book two days after seeing you in church; I must admit I occasionally wondered what it would be like if any of the apostles saw today’s society, but I never imagined six at once!!
I wished I was there as ‘Clark’ entered the room and saw them for the first time; I was thinking, “I have a hundred questions to ask you guys!!!”. I probably would have irritated Paul with constant nonstop questions for about three or four hours, to start with!!! That’s one thing I noticed; nobody asked them any questions about the Lord, their writings, the revelations God gave them.
What noodleheads:) happy!! 
Of course so far most everyone who has met them in the book aren’t true believers, anyway; and I loved the idea of the book, but as I got to the last several pages, it never dawned on me that it was a “to-be-continued”. I was disappointed!!…
But, I think the book has great potential, with some great ideas, and a certain good sense of humor…. So anyway, A Big Thank You, I did enjoy reading it, but you should most definitely explain that it’s the first in a series, as I was expecting the story to be resolved by the end.
(P.S., If Iwas Peter, and not understanding that I was actually a clone, I’d probably be concerned about where my wife was! Matthew 8:14, I believe?)
It was great to see you, and hoping we could see you again sometime soon –

All The Best In Jesus,         

Pastor ——–:) happy


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