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W.H.O.A.-NUT Profile: Chris Northern

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Chris Northern seems to be lost in the state of confusion between understanding the differences of not taking criticism seriously and bemoaning them through the kindle boards website. After offering him the opportunity to discuss my critiques, he quietly declines from the offer. You would hope that someone like him would not be emotionally distressed by the type of review I put forth, but instead having that, I find myself being attacked at another website.

Rather than accepting the criticism I have put forth, he goes on to persuade other kindle authors that I am interested in performing a review scam on the website through the means of extortion.

There have been no recollections that has ever come to mind of delivering  reviews in exchange for a price. Were that so, I would put a price section for making a book review. Why not be completely honest?

I mean, the only thing that I have vaguely recall mentioning is the fact that if it makes Chris ‘feel better’, he could purchase a copy of my book to use as an example of publishing standard. I am open to admitting there are errors within my work, but that does not mean the points that I raise are incorrect. If anything that I have said either in this post or the previous emails that remotely suggests an extortion or scam, feel free to e-mail me at

Honestly, I am not interested in making myself look like a notorious  troll. I think the problem with Chris Northern is that he needs to develop some self-esteem and learn how to take criticism. I may be quite crass in my reviews, but that’s not going to deter me from either altering my pen name or taking down this website. So far I have enjoyed the numerous visits and I am planning on continuing to slowly build up my fan base.

There are some authors out there who do pique my interest with their books and most of them have personal problems in the books that they have.

Am I going to insult their books?


However, I will take the responsibilities upon myself to explain to the author why a reader may perhaps not take another look at your once he or she has read the first five pages of the book. If anyone is looking into being a better author, then this is one of the first steps in learning how to do it right.



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