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Books I Wanna Read….

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After spending my day at an office desktop computer, I have realized that I needed to do something for the day, something physical. If I didn’t do that, I would grow antsy and start developing some body fat (like I really need to gain another 10lbs). Anyways, I decided to make an afternoon trip downtown and among some of the local shops that were still in existence.

Barnes & Noble was one of them.

For a mid-afternoon stroll, I found this not be such a bad thing. I’m a writer who seeks to improve his craft, seeking to find every freshly innovative material that would assist me in my future expeditions of my career. The downside of this meant that I would have to spend money buying them, and books are last thing I need. After all, I already have a library of my own that sits inside my bedroom, screaming every night, why get some more? But of course that didn’t stop me, I mean I could ignore them, right?

Now normally you don’t find books that cater to aspiring (self-published) authors like myself. Most if not all of them dealt with writing tips and how to get yourself published with your book. However, that changed. While I continued to browse from shelf to shelf, I have come across one that dealt with neither one or the other. Out of the searches I made to get to this particular one, I noticed it was another work written by editors who wanted to point out the reasons for the rejection slips they write. As I snatched the book from one of the shelves, I found the title relatively interesting. After glancing at the back of the cover, I read the title again to myself: 78 Reasons Why Your Book May Never Be Published and 14 Reasons Why It Just Might.

After looking at the table of contents and putting the book back on the shelf, I had a sudden thought about Self-Published (Indie) authors. According to them, traditional publishing is often considered an unfair and unruly competition, especially from the big fat editors who want to bleed your works dry for profit. As I gazed back on the shelf, I realized something. If you were to put yourself in the mind of the authors who wrote that book, you begin to realize that these big fat editors are not the bad guys at all(for the book was written by one of them). In fact, if you read the table of contents carefully, you’ll not only understand the editorial criteria but also the reasons why they do the things that they do.

I noticed that writers everywhere are beginning to forget what publishing houses do when considering your book. Most if not all of these ‘indie authors” do not put into account that these editors and literary agents are attempting to invest into you. If they believe you got something valuable and probably worth making fortunes, you have a higher chances of making it big. And you want to know what the cost is?


Although I speak favorably of traditional publishing, that does not mean I think that’s the sole means of publishing. I think there are a variety of other avenues to go through. However, that just means I need to make my book worth the sell for the average reader.

Fortunately, this book serves an inspiration. Not only has it become something that’s made it to the top of my wishlist, but it’s also become supportive of me and my blog posting ventures. As I have said in a previous post, I think writing entails the willingness of an author to cater his work to tastes and standards of the reader. If he does not bother to see what I reader sees, the author will be set up for more failure than he once anticipated.

Luckily, I’m not the only one to say that.



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