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Upcoming Author Event…

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As the time draws near toward speaking at the East Hartford Public Library, pressure has been building up for me as I begin preparing to deliver the talks and lectures concerning the New Testament and my book, the Resurrection. The two, hour-long discussions will cover two major themes that I plan to unravel throughout the series.

The first one cover the general topic about the New Testament:

On What Basis Should We Trust the New Testament?

The primary assumption that I will take in engaging in this discussion will be the same one I have used when I have written the book i.e., the Bible is the Inerrant Word of God. Having that said, this presumption includes the fact that the authors that are listed in the New Testament are the ones who actually wrote it. Matthew wrote Matthew, Mark wrote Mark, etc.

Although there is no absolute proof that makes my assumptions true when approaching this tedious topic, I will attempt to establish the validity of my commitment to my biblical beliefs through the public exposure of the critics and their wildly dishonest assertions.

Hopefully as the time draws closer, I have reached a significant amount of people with the flyers and the local newspaper.




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