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Paranormal Vampires SUCK!

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Has anyone ever heard of the word ‘overkill’? Really, I mean it. Does the general audience know exactly what an overkill is or why literary agents have a tremendously difficult time trying to find the right kind of books?

In this day and age of remakes and sequels, there seems to be the third type of movie, the overkill. Yeah, sure there are dozens of these that come every so once in a while in horror movies, like Nightmare on Elm Street, Saw, and Final Destination, or in action movies like Rambo, Lethal Weapon, and Die Hard, but these always involve the same characters and run along the same plot lines that we love. There’s even newer movies coming out recently with some that were hits in the 80s.

So where do Vampires come in?

Ever since Stephanie Meyer published her book Twilight, which I have neither seen nor read, there have been at least a dozen other copy cats that try to find something interested under the new genre of ‘Paranormal Romances’. While I don’t mind the alternative ways of rethinking the vampire, the reshaping mania has literally sucked the living daylights out of my interests for this genre. It’s almost like watching the ‘Dracula Musical’ part from the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Could this get any lamer?

Recently, I did a search on the word ‘Vampire’ and more than 1250 titles begun popping up. Among the ongoing list of ‘Vampire Novels’ some of them including:

  • Tara Shuler’s, Shelter Blood Haze
  • The Vengeful Vampire
  • The Song of the Vampire
  • Pride, Prejudice, and Vampires
  • Vampire  Squad 
  • The Tale of the Vampire Bride
  • The Angel Vampire
  • Twin Vampire Witches
  • The Last Vampire
  • The Anti-Vampire Tale

Which Vampire book are you going to write?



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