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Reaching the 20th Mark…

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Sometimes I have often heard that the amount of copies sold means that you have more ‘expertise’ in the field of self-publishing. In fact, if I sold my e-book at 99 cents, surely I would be among the fortunate few to make as little as $300 to even as much as $11,000. I hear these stories all the time on Kindle Boards and if there was a dollar given for every success story told through selling these books for such a cheap price, I think the board would have a sufficient amount of money to run its own publishing company. I would often imagine everyone would be millionaires by now with this marketing scheme.

Ironically, most are not.

While there are successes out there from creating these kinds of marketing schemes, making profit does not lie by competing with the lowest book price. Plenty of authors have done that already, and to set the record straight, they have not made enough or as much money as these ‘success’ authors have. Some have gotten so cheap with their book copies that they even offered their books for free. Like these readers would really buy into the marketing scheme if they ever found out how crappy your writing is.

What is it that makes these authors not so great?

For starters, most of these authors who do succeed in with getting their e-books sold do so through a variety means and producing attractive works. The cover looks good, the format’s easily readable, the style is good, and the plot line leads the reader on. These things are the basic things that most authors are forgetting to include in the concept of Self-Publishing. You get what you pay for. Bad prose, bad sell, good prose, good sell. If there were reasons for anyone to buy an e-book, cover art is what gets the book to sell.

So, how many e-books have you sold lately?

To be honest with you, I have sold only one copy and I have reasons why I have not sold more than that.

Is it because my writing is bad? No.

Do I have a lousy book cover? No.

Did I create a lousy plot line that makes readers cringe? Definitely, NO.

The main reasons why I have not sold more than one copy are for a couple of other reasons, mainly because people either (1) don’t know I have a kindle version of the book or (2) prefer to buy a hard copy. While I have done some of my own personal marketing, I have managed to have sold 20 copies and make around $320 in money and that excludes the shipping and production costs. I am not interested in making a quick buck for in ‘E-book’ market hysteria (for if you read the claims carefully, it took these authors roughly two years to sell that many copies in the first place).

I have seen things come and go in today’s world and I promise you that most of these successes are not absolutely new. To be honest, I think the small amount of books sold should not be considered an all time setback because the numbers are added monthly. At some point, I project that I might be able to sell at least 50 by Christmastime (but that assumes if I haul $#% with marketing; seeing that I am working two jobs, this would seem less likely, near to impossible).

Although I have been able to resume blogging, I still feel that giving this kind of advice for would be the best the aspiring novelists to be. After all, aren’t they the ones that are suppose to analyze the contents and audiences they write for?



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