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Where Does the Church Fit In? (Introducing the LEFT)

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As raised in the previous post, I said there were two predominant reasons why the Church does not resemble anything like the Ancient Church and the reasons they did not were predominantly because these religious organizations denied (1) Scriptural Authenticity or (2) Scriptural Clarity. Although a more concise response to the main question should say that Churches have adjusted its ways to the ideological development throughout the history of Christendom, most people will better understand with a more blunt approach to what I have said earlier. With the creation of my e-Chart from MS Word’s ‘Smart Art’, hopefully everyone will be able to follow along with the course of what I am saying.

Prior to answering the ultimate question, let’s begin with looking at the group whose beliefs have strayed to the ‘Left’ of the Scriptural norm. These folks are on this side of the spectrum are called Liberals, but I would rather call them Heretics, False Teachers, and Prophets (for reasons which you will see later on). Most of these folks have no interest in maintaining loyalty to understanding what the Scriptures entail in its clear and concise manner. Rather, these groups deny Scriptural teaching and begin looking after other ideals such as Materialism, Relativism, and Social Activism.

Were any church to pursue these ideals as mentioned above, one should never be surprised where they ended up, especially with the poor directions they have taken from the past century. For starters, I would like to start by taking the second ideal that I previously mentioned i.e., ‘relativism’ and use the Episcopal Church USA as an example. Like I discussed in my fictional book, the Episcopal Church USA has trodden paths that should not have been taken place with the leadership of the past. With all that has occurred, they will continue to make more outrageous claims of Heresy that has been happening on all levels, especially, with folks like John Shelby Spong and Katharine Jefferts Schori.

In attempt to remain ‘relative’ to the world, the church throughout the ages has done a number of things to make itself look hip and groovy like ordaining women as bishops, promoting religious plurality, and as of recently promote homosexual bishops like Gene Robinson to promote their agendas. Although these views would be compatible with the world, one could say these views are not compatible with Scripture to say the least. Why in fact, if one were to look at how the Church continued down this wayward spiral of relativity, this church has done its best to drive away its members from ever embracing such an honest church as described in the book Exodus.

To be continued…



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