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While I Have Been Waiting…

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I think after waiting for some time to have my computer fixed, going through a blizzard, and finding the right time to type this out, I thought of all the possible ways to express what I need to say on this blog. Although I have noticed a couple of faithful followers from the past few days, I want to give you a word of ‘thanks’ for checking on a regular basis. Having that said, here is what I can tell you that happened since I have been waiting earnestly. 

First, I managed to examine a couple of traditionally established authors who have already set their names out there in the field of fiction: Dean Koontz and Frank Peretti. Though I should set my concentrations on getting through the self-published books I receive from submissions or explorations through various websites, I think every so once in a while I need to make fair comparisons between these self-published authors and ones who have gone down the traditional route, in order to remain fair. If I don’t do anything of the sort, what makes you think my judgments would be fair? 

My second course of action was to contemplate on the need to address some the questions that critics have raised concerning the content of my book. Though I am close to selling about 30 copies, I think it is time for me to address certain things that I have not covered in my book. If I were not to discuss these concerns at hand, that only would vindicate my critics in the verdicts they make without honestly receiving a response.

 Third, I have uncovered a surprise book review by a blogger I do not recall submitting my book to. Perhaps I have submitted my book somewhere earlier, but none of this has reappeared to my recollections. Hopefully by exposing this review, I think I will be able to garner a larger audience than I originally anticipate. It would be great if I could gain recommendations from these reviewers.



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