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Frank Peretti: A Prime Example

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While I was waiting, I decided to put self-publishing author reviews aside to get what one might call a little ‘R&R’ from all the assortment. Not only does this task of finding a halfway decent read something that comes almost unmanageable, but also one get weary of if not ‘out of touch’ from the ongoing standards within the publishing world, especially with the assessments editors and literary agents use that makes them quite reputable.

 Apart from the introduction, let me begin by saying that it has been a tremendous blessing that I can have some time allotted to making use of the time while I am waiting on a computer repair, especially when you have just picked up a good book. I started reading Frank Peretti’s, Monster which tackles the topic of evolution without getting into the extreme specifics. In his case, I found the book to be tremendously exciting especially when someone learns what the real monsters were. The reason I picked this book hasn’t anything to do with my secret obsession with urban legends (the monsters were labeled as a ‘sasquatch tribe’), but with my future discussion about the topic of ‘Christian Fiction.’

 That is not to say that I have some qualms and dislikes with the genre; I’m more interested in discussing certain issues that pertain to the field, explaining why I don’t take the typical ‘high road’ of writing Christian fiction. You see, these personal interests of mine include the choices I made to go with Self-Publishing rather than traditional field publishing (despite how many friends, family, and co-workers have suggested that I would do otherwise). So before I say anything further about the genre in general, I thought it would be best to discuss the topic after reading several of his books and other authors on the topic.   



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