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Promotional Plans

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While it’s not a plan that would take place immediate, I have been contemplating on where to promote my next book. My first success has been at the East Hartford Public library, but since then other doors have been opening around since. I have been thinking about going back there in the Spring but I would need to save up and plan out the event a little better and farther in advance. The last time, there did not seem to have been enough copies of brochures and business cards for me to hand out everyone who came through. The other problem is that I did not have a book to thank the librarians with for allowing me to host the event.

 However, there have been other opportunities of book promotions have sprouted since then.  Although I have not heard anything from the Starbucks right here in town, recently I have contacted the local manager who asked me to forward the blog address of this site so that way her boss would have something to look at prior to arranging the event. My biggest worry is if I do not receive an approval. If that does seem to be the case, there are other outlets I can chose from that won’t seem as bad as I would anticipate. Nevertheless, I will hope that all goes well on receiving another arranged event.

Of course the second surprise came from a minister out in Ellington. When I placed a phone call, he only asked for me to receive a letter of recommendation from one of the pastors at my church and luckily for me that would be a piece of cake! I know one pastor and one deacon at my church are currently reading my book. While I remain unawares of the completions of the books and thoughts of these two individuals, I am eagerly waiting on getting a type of response. Hopefully, those two outlets may just be the right opportunities for the book to take off.

 At this point, everything mostly is in the air.



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