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It’s All Subjective: Part II

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Still, I cannot get away from the fact there are so many writers out there who consistently think that writing is entirely a matter of opinion. If I had a dollar every time I heard someone earnestly engage with that belief, I probably would have enough money to pay off my debts and start with another best seller. My biggest beef with this type of attitude is the fact that not everything has a sense of relativity, there are standards.

 Unfortunately, self-published authors don’t get that.

 While I do agree on the methods of variation of artistic styles are perfectly fine, I do not think the book should not be all about the method itself. The reader is to be entertained and motivated through your story, not be amused with your style. Not everyone can get away with clarity like James Joyce and come up with something close to a ‘Finnegan’s Wake’ (which I still wonder what exactly makes that book great-it’s a piece of crap, that’s it). If you are attempting to do something similar, your best bet is to start off with getting some training out there first and then get your name established out there first, not the other way around.

 I know I ought to be the last person to be talking as a relentless critic, but I have received some training within the academic field of literature and creative writing. Not only that, but I also have read several books on the topic of writing. Although I am not claiming to be the ‘ultimate expert’ but you can guarantee that I will be relating information and holding myself and others to the same standards that editors, authors, and literary agents have when it comes to writing.




  1. I agree with you that creating a compelling story is the main goal (or should be) of the writer. Experimentation is cool as long as it doesn’t distract from the story told. Not everyone agrees with this of course – but at least when it comes to novels, I think that it is important.

  2. Eric says:

    I found the info on this blog useful.

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