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Plans For the Resurrection Series

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While I have not decided to return to the series as of yet, I do plan on continuing with the series the moment I begin getting a few things in order, namely when I am in possession of getting a car and paying off at least the credit card and part of the school debt. As of this moment, I have not had the chances of getting those things done in order because of those two factors. If I am planning on getting my name out there through tireless promotions, I would really need one of those things done.

For the meantime, I am working on several other writing projects besides blogging. After finding out that writing out miniature articles like these have become newly ongoing addiction, he has decided to call me ‘blogojavich’ after the corrupt Illinois politician (as if I need more notoriety). Even though I find some of the things he says about my style of writing sarcastically funny, there is truth to it: I can’t stop writing. In a sense, that is where I get the ability to make staunch criticisms and interesting remarks about the people that affect my life. Having said that, I am also working on creating two novel sketches, ‘Divine Deception’ (Horror) and ‘The Roast’ (Christian Fiction). Because of its nature, these two books will go acquire further personal experiences and research to make the works valid. Though the first one requires me to go through the road of self-publishing, the second one won’t because I can easily find literary agents who might take interest in my book.

My other book is a non-fiction, titled Behold, Christ is King which will be a thorough response on Dave Hunt’s latest work, What Love is This? Although I will be discussing a theological work, I am sure this book will nonetheless become a delight for those who take an interest in Calvinism, especially in wanting to find the actual truth about it; not some revisionist tale of it. I hope upon this book’s completion I might be able to submit it to Zondervan for publishing (I’m not sure if they would take a serious interest in the subject. If that is the case, then it’s back to self-publishing.  Nevertheless, these are a few of the works I am going through in hopes of producing a ‘portfolio’ and exercise of my writing capacities.



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