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For the Next Book Review…

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Hey Everyone,

While I have been accepting reviews left and right throughout this blog, I thought I should bring in a special update for those who are wondering what on earth happened to the books they submitted. Although some of you guys are in the waiting, let me tell you that it’s been a privilege to have an audience who are dedicated in patiently waiting for their reviews and checking out the information.

For that, I thank you.

Below is a list of books from Self-Published authors that will be in line waiting for further reading, a  review or critique of their books. Within this mix will also be other books that are from non-fictional and fictional writers who have taken the traditional route. Nevertheless, I have put them on the list because I have bought their books and I am planning on reading them whenever there’s a chance to come about and be read.

With this list, I hope to establish hope for the waiting author and get everything that I have in order (More of the latter, sometimes I think I live too much of a disheveled life because I don’t own a kindle. There’s something to put on the wish list.)



Books For Further Reading (Independent):

Books For Further Reading (Traditional):

  • Telling Lie For Fun and Profit- Lawrence Block
  • The Oath- Frank Peretti
  • The Green Knight- Iris Murdoch
  • The Enchantress of Florence- Salman Rushdie

Books for Review & Critique:

  • Saint Peter Killed God- KJ Kron
  • Badwater- Toni Dwiggins
  • Sam the Night Person- Lisa Ruscyzk




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  1. Thanks for posting this. I have my book out to a few other reviewers and since sending them the book, they have been silent. It’s nice to know where my book is on a reviewer’s TBR pile.

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