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The Hambledown Dreams Review

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Recently, I had the chance of receiving a copy of a book given to me by an Australian self-published author several months back. Although I was on intently giving him a thorough review of the book, I put the book off for a while until I managed to glance at the book when I landed in Milwaukee. Since then, I had very little time to get back to the author and share my review. Months had passed between both now and the time I was able to do the review; nonetheless, I remained true to my word even though I did not get an answer from the author himself.

Without the immediate feedback that has not come back, I decided to take the liberty of posting my review of his book both here and at the Kindle Boards website. It’s been a while since I have had the chance of doing an honest, not so positive review of someone’s work. Even though someone will attempt to contest the information I say in the review, nevertheless I hope whoever reads my review will see why I said the work is not as great as it is cut out to be.

Somehow, I still get the impression there will be an author who will find these words either amusing or offensive, no matter how honest one can be. Though I would love to imagine a person giving me no hassles about what I say about the book itself, I do not think anyone would seriously understand the reasons why I make the points out there in the first place.




  1. KJ Kron says:

    I read recently that when authors get too many four and five star reviews, readers begin to doubt the sincerity of the reviewers. A bad review often doesn’t hurt – a ton of them would.

    With my book, a read a bad review which did make me grumble a bit as I thought the reviewer didn’t get my point – but the reviewer was honest and I appreciated that and wouldn’t dream of giving him a hard time about it. I guess I wouldn’t mind a bad review along the lines of – I don’t agree with the premise, but the writing is good.

    I know, I’m rambling. The main thing to keep in mind is to be honest. No one should hassle you for that – unless you are being unnecessarily brutal.

    • haparker321 says:

      I definitely agree and I am about ready to wrap up on your book critique. If you don’t mind, I would like to feature yours as the next review on the list. I hope that won’t get you upset or anything.


  2. Dean Mayes says:

    I happened across your post here and I was intrigued to find out about your review.

    I am Dean Mayes, the author of The Hambledown Dream and I have to admit, I don’t recall us having any correspondence regarding a review of my novel – which is not to say that we haven’t – it’s just I can’t find any record of it.

    Never-the-less, I am always eager to receive feedback about my literary work and would be keen to read your thoughts about The Hambledown Dream.

    I should at this point, correct you on one small point. I am in fact not a self published author but am represented by Michelle Halket of ireadiwrite Publishing out of Vancouver.

    Thank you in advance for your thoughts regarding The Hambledown Dream.

    • haparker321 says:

      I do remember because you sent me an email, and I’m gla you are represented. Although I think the idea sounds great, I did not like the book simply because of the book’s execution and style. I’m a bit picky on that.


      • Well I would be happy to see you expand on that in a review. I am more than open to reading your criticisms of the novel. It will be a helpful tool for me to improve my writing.

      • haparker321 says:

        Good, then you can check out what I said on your other comment.


        I got the Princess Bride/Monty Python thought after I discovered your book had an annoying tone to it by reading the book out loud. 🙂

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