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What’s The Use?

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Whenever I begin receiving submission from authors of differing sorts, you can guarantee that all of them are of the anxious sort i.e., wanting someone or something to spit out immediate feedback in the most positive manner. If writing books were meant to please all kinds of critics, then there would be positive reviews all the time. Unfortunately, we do not live in a world that has that kind of mentality. Most of the time, these negative criticisms come from one of two critics: the ones who are ‘constructive’ in their opinions when they analyze the works that self-published writers put out there or the ones who do not care about the feelings the author has or the type of ‘sweat and blood’ that goes into the work. Unfortunately, for those who write, edit, and self-publish these books, it’s the latter ones that we have to deal with.

 So how can the author appease the critics?

Out of the multiple books I have reviewed over the past few months, dozens of authors have come to me and said that they were not entirely pleased with the comments that I have told them. Others have said that I was being completely fair with their works, but still think I should not publish the negativity of their works in fear that their reputations may be ruined (more often with the latter rather than the former). Though I abide by their requests, sometimes I wonder if a negative review would drag the author’s self-esteem. Would the lives of these authors be ruined if someone publishes something negative about their reviews?

Even in light of what criticism I receive whether that comes from my own family and friends or the cruel critics, I realize that their opinions have a sense of value, no matter how cold or cruel someone’s remarks are about a particular piece of work. If I think the book is trash, I will have no troubles in calling the book trash like James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake. The purpose of all books is to have a good sense of communication, not just to please the reader. Sometimes I’m surprised that we do not even realize that criticism from every kind of person ought to make use humble in the ways which we cannot imagine.

Were we to recoil on every kind of criticism a person makes, then we should not begin to write at all.



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