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My ‘100 Book Challenge’

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Your typical book blogger website usually has a section of books read in a separate section called ‘book reviews’ which mostly consist of books that the reader has found either detestable or delectable, depending on whether the book has something decent to say or the genre itself. Normally, I find that going by this kind of challenge quite interesting, I usually do not have much of an interest for that kind of challenge because I have a lack of (1) time and (2) motivation. Were I to mention the kinds of books I take interest in reading, you would be amazed to find out how I manage to finish them all.

Despite the encouragement I get whenever I do find these books read by these kinds of people, I realize there is some benefit to accomplishing this task. For starters, I think by engaging in this kind of practice, you learn how to develop an eye for detail. If you want to know how to write well, first you must read and do lots of it. By just simply reading comic books or watching television shows serve best as methods of inspiration, these are not going to help you understand how something or someone should be expressed whenever you put thoughts into words.

Time after time, and throughout the course of my blogging career usually I find a lot of writers who do not take the time to put sufficient effort into their works. Constantly, I keep finding writers who throw in a lot of stylistic mistakes e.g., too many pauses, short openings, lousy endings, things of the like. Whenever I do tend to learn more about these authors, little is said about their continual experiences in wanting to continue in the general course of studying literature. Were there a dollar to be given every time I find so-called ‘authors’ who don’t spend the time to go back and properly edit their books, there would be enough cash to pull the U.S. out of debt and re-start the economy.

Folks, if writing is your calling to life and you really want to make money with this kind of life work, then you are going to have to take your vocation seriously and make sure there is plenty of room for study before, after, and during your life as an independent author.



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