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Upcoming Two Month Challenge…

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One of the top reasons I decided to go on a break between December and January is for the plain fact that I am reviewing an entire manuscript of someone’s non-fictional work. Even though I am feeling quite exhausted from glancing at the first six pages, I thought of doing this because the person I am doing this for is a friend of mine. We met each other at a local Barnes and Noble book store right here in town. Interestingly enough, the both of us were self-published writers who took interest in religion and philosophy. With all the opposing viewpoints that each of us (he’s more into Eastern Philosophy and I’m a traditional Calvinist), we both manage to exchange and discuss the various points that makes us entirely different.

He is currently working on a work of non-fiction which entails the relationships between current societies and the past age. I do intend on going through his work, crucially going through the excessive detailing of what’s wrong with the ‘rough, rough’ sketch of the book, I want to make a crucial point about writing.

If a book has the same mistakes within the first few pages, the chances of finding the same mistakes are more likely to be found elsewhere.

When authors get upset about the downgrades of their books, oftentimes they charge me with making a misjudgment. While I would agree with them about the possibility of misjudgment, I think the writers need to look at themselves first and not protest the critique. If there is anything that I would find more annoying, it is when authors do not bother to study the craft of writing and expect the reader to read more carefully in order ‘to get’ their works.

Unfortunately, I do not work that way.

While I do intend on reading more self-published authors, I have no interest in reading a book that is not worth looking at if it’s something that drags the reader down.



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