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My Style of Writing

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As Pat Walsh mentioned from his list of reasons why no one would ever get their book (successfully) published is the fact that it’s a book that nobody cares for. “Not much is sadder,” Walsh writes, “than an entire manuscript…about a subject no one cares about” (32). If there was something that annoys me more than anything else in the world is when an author attempts to persuade me that their books are great works in the making without considering the fact that I could care less about how they feel about them.

Usually, if there is something to be said about the book, I always let it speak for itself. That is my first rule of thumb whenever I decide to continue to read a book or reject it. I also make it my basis for all the reviews I write, whether the books were read entirely from first to last page or even in a brief span of time. After I finish writing a review, I usually send it back for some genuine feedback. Within a matter of time, I always count on receiving a positive response for either the praises or criticism I give.

 Sadly, I rarely get those types of responses.

Even though my responses about the book are truthful, most of the authors I review do not like what I say. Oftentimes, I get into debates and arguments because I do not coat the criticism with enough sugar or because they feel that the book’s review is did not have a large enough same. With the positive reviews I post about certain authors and their works, those are done because they execute their works well within a short amount of time.

The ones who argue don’t.

More often than not, these writers think every critique they get is a caricature of their works. Although I tend to laugh and mock at the way a story is executed, I am usually being honest with how the storyline comes across. Take a look at some of the previous authors I poked fun on previous posts; most of these jokes are done so because the book’s titles or covers resemble something else (e.g. ‘People of the Tiger’ vs. ‘Eye of the Tiger’). Who would take their covers seriously?

Other writers go through writing their books down in the similar way they talk and I can tell from overuses of ‘I’s and indefinite pronouns. Then there are some who try too hard to communicate a message by bludgeoning the reader with statements that are beyond blatant. Sometimes, I have an rofl moment.

If there is anything you should do to keep me off your back, it’s the need to avoid a storyline with lame characters and cheesy titles.



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