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Second Poor Review: St. Peter Killed God

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Note: The basis of this review is limited. Although the author has forwarded me their complete manuscript, I have refrained from further reading because the book lacks a particular element in its writing. All grades are based on honest evaluations and will be supplemented by a couple of examples to prove my point.

St. Peter Killed God

By KJ Kron

 Cold Honest Truth:

  • KJ, not St. Peter, killed God.


            I was not exactly sure whether you were intending to commit blasphemy with using the title above or preferred to use the title to make a sale, I could definitely tell that his book needed some work in either one or the other of the two scenarios. The idea does sound interesting at the start with ‘St. Peter’ to refer to a Roman Catholic priest who did not believe in the Word of God. I have no idea exactly where he was going, but I do think the idea is worth looking at.   


            I liked the fact that you stuck to the genuine character guideline i.e., not crowding the beginning of the book with a series of people. The greatest part about that is not having the feeling of being confused with remembering who’s who in the realm of fiction. Another thing I like about the book is that there are a series of questions immediately raised in the book that are quite legitimate, very similar to the ones I raise in my own. To some degree there is some legitimate verisimilitude to the realities of bishops, popes, priests, and pastors face on a day to day basis. That is something I do like about the book from the limited amount of information I read.


            The slight overall problem I had with this book is the amount of dramatic pauses that kept recurring throughout the first few pages. Were you to use the pauses in better place and use them sparingly, I would not think the book would suffer the grade that I put in the letter. Unlike the rest of the books I read briefly, he does not make the dialogue appear to be either too short or unrealistic. That is a good quality to have whenever you begin writing a book.

            Above all else, I think that pace is one of the slight downers in this book. If  he wants any other reader to make a positive remark, he needs to slow down the amount of information he gives to the reader i.e., the revelation. Making references to the Beatles will sound good, but I would like something that pertains to either the character or the setting that you put the reference into. I have made a similar reference in my own book (All Creatures of Our God and King), but I did not expect anyone to know who the author was. Instead, I chose a very different approach to the book, choosing to focus how the music’s elegance contributed to Clark’s feeling in an Anglo-Catholic church. If he goes on to make reference, there has to be relation to either the character’s personality or the setting.

 Cover Design:  F

            I was not thrilled with the cover; it was far too amateurish and looked like crap.

Formatting: F

            This is the predominant reason I did not want to read your book. The information you put out in this book was not presented in an acceptable fashion. Usually the title, acknowledgement, and copyright pages are separated, but in your case they weren’t. Secondly, there is no reason to have some type of ‘BCF’ symbol in the background.

Overall Grade:



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