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Why Criticize These Wee Little ‘Indie’-ans?

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As I wait on my Amazon order of books that express the topic of writing, there has been a line of thought that I began to travel down, as if it were some type ‘novel’ idea, except this time I decided to discuss this post to authors, mainly the Self-Published ones who like to call themselves ‘Indie’ rather than ‘Self-Published’. Though I have had a plethora of criticisms against my methods of critiquing, or even being allowed to say anything that comes as either crass or rude, seemed to be decried by them as a type of moral wrong.

The more important question is this: why?

Time after time, I have come to realize that I am living a world of sensitivity i.e., everything and almost everyone is guided by a sense of feelings. If someone says something negative, there are dozens of people who will decry the remarks as a moral wrong in the sense that no one should really hear these type of things. However, in this world of sensitivity, there always seems to be this craving of praise, praise, praise for books that are not even worth considering that type of recognition.

Are these standards fair?

I think the number of Self-Published authors who I call wee little ‘Indie’-ans, are nothing more than just members of the promotional ego circus. Rather than accepting the fact that readers are not interested in reading bad writing, these authors looks for ways to sell their amazing books through a friendship network. If you act as one of their friends, they will pressure you to use them as a promotional tool for their writings. True friends don’t saying negative about each other, right?

As much as I would like to label this as fantasy mentality, there often a more deep, profound understanding of what authorship is and part of that entails its craftsmanship in the form of writing. With that in mind, I believe I have enough reason to criticize other wee little ‘Indie’-ans for not putting in the honest efforts to make their books the best from the moment of its inception. If there is not as much sweat and blood that goes into a work of writing, I do not think authors should be really spared the mercy from receiving critic ridicule or derision especially when there are no implications that they have done any true research. Why bother to give them the opportunity for appraisal when they don’t deserve any?




  1. Joe Thayer says:

    This seems to have become a rant blog about how you don’t like other writers. As far as I can tell, it’s pretty much the pot calling the kettle black. You’re all about criticizing other writers, but when it comes back to you, you become defensive. Very telling…

    • haparker321 says:

      In what areas do you think I get defensive in when someone criticizes my book? I do not run away, bawling my eyes out and airing out the dirty laundry on the internet just because someone thinks my book has a few spelling errors and word choices. In case you have not noticed, I am writing against those kinds of authors.

      • Joe Thayer says:

        I can’t speak for when someone criticizes your book, but I’ve read enough of your blog to know that you don’t like criticism. You are simply a person who looks for the negative and likes to complain. The majority of the posts are regarding how either you don’t like what other authors are doing, or that you don’t like how others responded to your criticisms of their work. You like to spout how much better you are. Just look at your response to my comment. You insult others (“bawling my eyes out”? Really, could you use a little more hyperbole and maybe be more condescending, please?) and you say that you are “writing against those kinds of authors,” in effect admitting that your posts are just what I said–rants about other authors. Thank you for proving my point.

        If you want to write an advice blog, then give actual advice. Tell other writers what makes good writing instead of constantly pointing out what irritates you. Focus on the positive instead of the negative. You might also want to avoid phrases like “wee little ‘Indie’-ans” (remember that those that you are painting with a broad stroke are also your readers).

        From what I can tell, what you did is solicite free manuscripts as a way to build a followship of your blog and then you got upset when people questioned your credibility or opinion. I’ve read post after post about it how you don’t finish books but then give them a grade or how you don’t personally like their particular style of writing so the book gets panned. And the writers respond. But instead of taking this in stride as part of the service you offered, you “air the dirty laundry on the internet” and blog about how they are whining and how you know more than them. Basically, you took their negative response and responded negatively (and publicly), thereby doing exactly what you criticized them for doing.

        I’ve subscribed to your blog to see if I’d want to submit a manuscript myself and maybe get some insight into other Indie authors, but I’m tired of getting a negative, unhelpful post in my in box every morning. I’ll be removing myself from the subscription.

      • haparker321 says:


        I believe what you said here is right; I probably should be less negative and more positive on this blog. To be honest, what you have said has helped me see you point. I totally remained unawares that I was using a double standard and being hypocritical. Although I was not entirely aware of your following of this blog, I should be more conscious about who my followers are. I am planning on trying to lighten up the atmosphere by creating pages for writers to use for 2012. What you are seeing here (on my blog posts), are in fact older posts. If you have not removed yourself already, I would love to show you a better side of this blog, that is what I plan on doing as a goal for 2012.


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