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Chris Northern Returns…With A Vengeance

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Instead of laying his book to rest, Chris Northern has taken another turn for the worst. While I had been hoping he would answer of the criticisms I have put either on Kindle Boards or my blog, he had taken up his time to write out a post and only one. Though he claims my arguments are ‘pointless exercises’, he takes out the time not only to make his opinion count, but to also spend time venting out his anger and frustrations with the questions I raise. As I have written on the Kindle Boards website, these questions will be raised again with this post.

But first let’s start by what Chris has said about my arguments and how he has labeled them. Without a shadow of doubt, Chris uses the ‘inexperience’ fallacy first by implicating that I speak with ‘the greatest authority where one has the least knowledge’. Of course, he does not bother to mention that I have some training with a BA in English and have done some research on the crafts of writing. Surely, if Chris were to recognize this, he would not get so agitated with the reasoning I used to limit my interest in reading his book down to only a couple of pages.

Rather than accepting the basis for judgment, Chris goes into claiming that he could possibly see  ‘no logic, nor hint of rationality in any of HP’s arguments’ which seems to be quite absurd. ‘A cover of limited quality says absolutely nothing about the quality of the work’ if, in Chris Northern’s world, anyone would believe that good writing can sit behind any kind of book cover, whether good or bad. The real question for Northern would be this: Why put a good piece of writing behind a lousy book cover? Isn’t it a sign of poor investment?

Instead of directly being honest in saying that the image does have something to do with the work, he tosses the point aside ascribing the criticism as something that ‘may say something about the available budget’. Of course any true artist would not let his budgets become the excuse for good quality writing. If you’re going to go down the road where you wear all the hats in the publishing industry, you are going to have to come up with a decent budget that advances, not damages your product. Perhaps if Mr. Northern would mention something like ‘HP, I know the cover’s lousy, but I hope you understand. This comes from an artist with a limited budget.’ I would be a bit more lenient.

Has he said that in any of his emails? Nope.

‘We can, conveniently,’ Northern continues, ‘use my own work as an example of HP’s abilities to tell on quality’. Rather than accepting an honest review, Chris goes into another paragraph boasting about getting 4&5 star reviews, people looking for book III etc. to show that there were plenty of justifications to air out the dirty laundry despite him requesting his wish for me not to mention my personal thoughts of his reviews. Isn’t that a bit hypocritical?

But that is not really enough for Chris because he cannot stand an honest review. ‘It is thus clear to me that HP’s critical faculties are lacking, and his attempts to set himself up as the sole arbiter of taste in literature are absurd’. I wish that my tastes in literature were the universal standard, but if readers aren’t going to be pulled in by your writing, the books aren’t worth reading. I’m just sayin’. 😉

Although I could continue on the course of this subject, Northern has written all the ramblings he could to disqualify the tastes I have in literature, especially when it comes to discussing cover art. If my tastes and criticisms were wrong, why then would he bother to change the cover art? Why take the opinions of other people who happen to agree with my viewpoint?

If there were reasons to ignore my opinion, why go on the forum thread and badger about my posts?

To be continued…



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