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It’s NOT All That Subjective…

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After posting my last article on the Kindle Boards website, several authors have responded with some interesting comments ranging from assertions like how I have no idea what I am talking about to even defending my campaign for better quality writing (which is what I have been vying for this entire time). The problem that most indie authors seem to show is that they often get a rise in how I express these points of view, not the content.

Out of a number of posts that I have been making throughout the Kindle Boards, there are only a handful of people who are not only interested in getting serious help, but also are willing to listen and appreciate the type of assistance I am providing for those who want to improve their books.

Want readers to read your books? Then listen carefully.

Despite the information that I am putting forward on this blog site, these speculations and criticisms I produce are not done so because of ‘lofty arrogance’; these are to help Self-Publishers analyze themselves and change the mistakes in their works. If you want readers to look at your poem, novel, or play, you’re going to have to start playing by their rules, not changing them to suit your fancies.

Time after time, there have been an enormous amount of writers who put their books in the lousiest reading formats available. Page numbers are missing, line spaces are too small, chapter headings are missing etc. Do you honestly think a reader would not really care about these things? From a reader’s standpoint, these problems are fairly crucial; I need to know where I’m at. It’s all part of the ‘who-what-where-when-why’ experiences that anyone gets when they read a good story.

Sometimes I’m left to wonder exactly what on earth goes inside the mind of these ‘indie’ authors. Where do they get this notion that good formatting is not of exceeding importance, especially if they would be reading professional books themselves. I certainly hope that these types of ‘indie’ authors are not the same ones that don’t really read anything and want to feel ‘important’.




  1. Ty Johnston says:

    As mostly a fantasy author, when I first went indie a couple of years ago, I did one thing I believe has helped me tremendously (I hope). I was already familiar with print formatting, but somewhat unsure of e-book formatting at the time. So, I just bought a few e-books from professional publishers, ones I admire in the fantasy genre, and have since tried to follow their lead. Is it a perfect fit? Hmm, maybe, maybe not, but so far I’ve heard no complaints about formatting.

    • haparker321 says:

      That’s not a bad idea, and I think that’s what Self-Publishers are supposed to do anyway. No one is supposed to tell the difference, but here we are with wannabe writers who think they know something better. That’s my beef with Self-Publishing; no one is putting enough effort in their works.

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