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I Can’t Believe He Said That!

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While I continued my search for reviewing writers, both good and bad, I had stumbled unto finding one that was…unique. And no, this is not the kind of ‘Wow, this writer is destined for greatness’ types, it’s more of a ‘Whoa, Are you serious?’ type. After asking to review several authors, there was one who at least gave me a copy I would not forget. Of course, in hopes of praising another potential work, I immediately took it without thought.

But something was off.

Not only did I find the book to be in the worst shape imaginable, I could not find myself wanting to read the work beyond the first page. The book read more like a rough draft than an actual novel and that was just the beginning. While I continued to research more about him, I came across a few interesting statements. Rather than just glancing at some of same old graphics that most authors use to dazzle and attract readers to their websites, I noticed a few interesting statements that caught my attention.

And this is one of them:

“The only books I had ever read were comic annuals and my literary skills ranged somewhere between zilch and diddly-squat.”

While I may have thought that the author was trying to be somewhat honest and down to earth, I know at least why some of these books are crappy, cruddy, and amateurish. Instead of actually putting the sweat and blood into writing like the rest of the published authors out there, these self-proclaimed authors spend nearly ten minutes writing something that amounts to nothing more than chicken scratch, attach a crappy photo to it, and ‘publish’ it online in hopes that someone will see the light for their shoddy work.

This cannot be the future of Self-Publishing.

For all its worth, e-book publishing has no real credibility for actual writing if there are authors out there who won’t do the research and put their works out there for everyone to see. If you have done no actual research to improve the craft of writing, especially regarding the need to write, why on earth are you expecting anyone to give you a positive review? Why shouldn’t anyone belittle your work?

I have spent six years prior to publishing this book and it’s still not enough. Am I claiming to be perfect? No.

Does that mean I’m ParkerJesus that others say I am? No.

It does mean that I have actually taken the time to put some serious effort into creating a decent, near to perfect book that contains occasional flaws. This does not mean that I am saying that you should take as long as I have to write a book, but if you are going to work hard on something and have it sell good, then you should try to put some real effort into it.

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure that out.



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