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It’s All Subjective…

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I would love to think that everything had a ‘subjective taste’, especially in the field of writing; no feelings would get hurt, just a matter of personal differences. I like strawberry flavored ice cream, you like banana chocolate. I like using italics, you like using commas. If there was anything further I would say on the subject, I would invite everyone to pour on a bottle of chocolate syrup on their ice cream, top it with canned peaches, and eat it while you sit in front of your best selling novel.

Wow, this possibly could not get any more naive.

Although the idea of strawberry peach flavored ice cream with chocolate syrup sounds scrumptious (I have no idea what it tastes like; in fact, I hate peaches on my ice cream.), there are dozens of looney authors out there who honestly believe their writings and cover art has no objective value at the moment of the book’s creation. As of quite recently, Christopher Thompson wrote this concerning my criticism:

“You heard him earlier, folks, he expects your cover to do something that no other cover in the world has ever done. That’s why I make sure to outfit all of my covers with LED screens that sing praises to Parker Jesus along the bottom because I refuse to have the same old drab ‘picture with some words on it’ like all those other covers out there.  And pay no attention to the fact that Parker Jesus’ cover looks like a five minute Photoshop job and imitates 80% of the covers out there. He wants UNIQUE for his A+ grades, folks.  Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”

Apart from the emotionalism that comes from the rest of his ‘satire’, the truth of the matter here is that authors like these feel that no one really has a right to place a ‘judgment’ or ‘value’ on anything that goes through the hands of a reviewer. Were I to say anything about the covers that put authors down concerning the cover job they use to sell their book, it is because I believe their work is not all that amazing, even if you coat these facts with a half-ton of sugar.

You may want a softer input of your cover, as seen through this website here; but, those people are just telling you the same thing about what comes to their minds. Some of these folks are not even being kind about the poor cover arts, as seen here, here, and here.

Of course there are some excellent ones that are featured on that same website and worth taking a look at, but that’s just half the battle. Sometimes, authors think that a good book cover will impress the reader to continue onward.

To be continued…



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