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Garnering An Audience…

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Although I have yet to gain a larger audience, I am pretty certain that I am on the right track on gaining a larger audience. Unfortunately from the last few weeks, my computer has been in and out of the repair shop and now I am about to loose patience with the same stupid PC (despite the fact that I have had no problems with it the last year or so). Nevertheless, I will be saying something about the topic altogether.

If you want to have a good audience, there are a few ways which one can get a couple of subscribers. First, I think that in order to gain someone who would take interest in reading your blog, you must always find something to blog about. Most of the time, I keep running into writers who simply can’t think of what to write about, often moping about not finding the right audience.


The moment you write any book, you immediately have discoursed into a topic of interest that caters to you and anyone else who shares something similar. Most of the things that I write about on this blog fall into three basic categories: (1) writing, (2) religion, (3) the novel itself. While I may have written a few unpleasant commentaries about other author’s books and the like, that does not mean I usually don’t disscuss about anything else in particlar, especially when people start raising the same questions, over and over.

The second best thing to garner an audience is to find the people who would most likely read what you say. Fortunately, that comes from going to forums and starting threads that allow you to promote whatever you say on the blong. In this case, this is exactly the best method. Granted, you won’t find writers who like exactly what you are saying about their book, that does not mean you are not garnering the audience you’re looking for.

Hopefully, these two areas are helpful.



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