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Author Feedback….

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After discussing and exchanging personal feelings between each other, KJ had sent me an email several weeks back prior toward the beginning of last month. Although I felt some of the feelings we had between the both of us were not bitter whatsoever, I was surprised to find he sent an additional message to me through kindle boards. My initials thoughts on receiving this was to bolster an additional point after we had parted ways.

Now that I have read the short message, I feel his message became something of an encouragement after all that was said. Even with the ongoing resentment authors make from receiving negative reviews, I am beginning to realize that I might be giving off a reverse effect. Instead of allowing the author to make my criticisms ‘trivial,’ KJ has gone the extra mile to show me that what I said was a case in point.

Here’s the entire message:

Hey, thanks – I’ve finally figured out how to get rid of the watermark that created that annoying BCE in the background and I’ve made a new stab at a cover – not to mention saving it as a PDF – although I don’t know if that will help in any way.  For the most part, what you said is helpful – I guess saying it abrasively got me to actually make a few changes.  They should be visible in the next few days on Amazon.  Now maybe my bookcover will be a C or D (I doubt it will be worthy of anything higher – I’m not an artist and that’s the best I could with the time that I have.  Who knows, maybe it’s still an F).  I know, you still have a problem with the pacing, dialogue, and the length of sermon.  I can accept that – whether or not I agree.  I actually wish I had time to write another book, but sadly I don’t.  I’ve learned a lot over the ten plus years it took me to write this one, and next time around I won’t make as many mistakes early on which required more work later.  The problem is I don’t see any way I can write in the near future.

I will try to follow your blog later – I’m blocked at work.  I’ve set up a book promotional group.  It requires that you set the price of your book at 99 cents, buy two members’ books per week.  The hope is that getting a one day boost in sales will help propel the book up the charts.  When the schedule for the group is over, I’ll take a look at your book (Feb 2012).  Or you can join our group (if you’re willing to set the price of your book at 99 cents.




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