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While I Was Gone…

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I have to tell you guys something; God is good.

No, I really mean it; God is good.

He is wonderful, excellent, charming, and loves to test his people.

The reason why I say this is not because of personal self-righteousness or exaltation. I am expressing personal gratitude. Quite recently, my mother had complained about some knee pains that bothered her over the course of a week. Neither she nor I thought of these incidents causing much of an emergency as one initially thought. In fact, the coming Christmas Day my mom was there talking and walking with the same usual knee problems that produced (at its height) some numbness. Again, no one thought much of the situation.

After waking up 8am Monday morning, my brother runs into the room to tell me that my mother was rushed to the hospital and now thriving under some blood thinners.

The doctors think she has a clot.

I had no idea how serious the problems were; there was no immediate sign that made me think the problem would prove completely hectic until I received the other news Wednesday morning: mom needs surgery. I spent my cheery morning working at a local restaurant dealing with the usual business until I receive a text telling me about the incident. I thought my life was going to spin out of control; I needed to be there.

If there was nothing that annoyed me more than anything was the fact that no one said anything earlier, but to hear about what has happened before the surgery occurred. I cancelled all appointments to visit and see how mom was doing. Initially, I thought the thing would go well, and the week would be over. Unfortunately, that did not happen; she was relocated to another area to undergo another surgery without notice.

That Wednesday night,  I realized this would be one of the few darkest moments in my life: the possibility of losing my mother to the call of eternity. I was not sure how things would pull out that evening, my heart was heaving and sighing because I thought she would die.

The reason why I say God is good is because he is teaching me something: life is precious. Without knowing about how important these incidents are in my life, I would never realize how close these problems can occur without ever feeling them first. Even if he did let my mom go and not heal her through the process, I can still say that he is there trying to teach me about the greatest griefs in  life.

Some people might try to blame God for taking loved ones away, but I do not think He deserves it. If there is one thing I am more than glad to say is that He has shown me what the pain is like, just for a moment. I can say He has shown me what to hope for and expect the unexpected. With all that goes on in my life, I thought by sharing these things with you, you can now know how He has guided the scenario with his hands to show all these things and it’s one of the few reasons why I love Him.




  1. Parker:

    Your comments touched me. I must share that many years ago I was returning from Saudi Arabia just before Ramadan. The 747 was packed and the seats were so configured it was almost impossible to get out as I had four burly oil riggers on each side. I returned to the States, was working out in a gym three days later and felt punk, and I told my wife that I was going to a doc-in-the-box for some medication. Long story shorter, the doctor sent me to the hospital where they didn’t find the blood clot in the left lung, or in the heart, but found in in the right lung. And yes, I was on a blood thinner for about 6 months. Now, when I travel–like to Afghanistan, I walk a lot on the flight.

    May I suggest, if you haven’t already, visit my second website,, that addresses in some manner the spiritual dimension that you explore.

    Thanks again for sharing your insights.

    • haparker321 says:

      I am very glad it did; I cried so hard Wednesday night. The results from the surgery did not look so good the first time around and the following morning, she had to go under the knife again. Mom was transferred to another medical center (30 min. away), and that was really good one. At least the nurses affirmed that my mom was much better, so I was truly happy.

  2. Rex Jameson says:

    Glad to hear that she is recovering.

    My wife had clots in her legs, and they had to remove some of her veins. It results in poor circulation, but she’s alive. I hope your mother pulls through. Cheers, Parker.

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