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While You Waited….

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One of the few reasons I decided to take a month-long break from the robust articles for this blog was not all about involving catching up on sorting books and arranging reviews. In fact, I hardly had the time to make that possible for nearly two weeks and that was shortly after Christmas. Although my mom is doing alright, I did not take up too much time getting anything done and I apologize for that problem.

Nevertheless, I did manage to get some other things done, which included entering a novel contest on create-space. In fact shortly after this post is put online, my book will be counted among 10,000 other contestants in a race to become ‘published’ traditionally by Penguin books. Although I have neither taken an interest in book contests nor entered one personally, I reconsidered and changed my mind, especially with the offers this contest entered.

While one may see the excitement for hearing from other aspiring critics, he or she may also hear the mental anxiety from thinking there is failure. If there is one thing that sends chills down my spines, it is this: not getting noticed. Out of my personal experiences, I have tried a few minor ways of getting my name out there, ranging from holding a contest on this blog to even writing to a literary agent, in hopes that I would receive a type of recognition.

Despite the vast differences between the methods of promotion, I recognize and seize every moment of opportunity to gain some ‘stardom.’ As of tomorrow (2/8/2012), I decided to post my pitch online to see whether my skills pull readers into wanting more of my work or reject the storyline altogether. Receiving comments on this pitch would be very helpful; at least I won’t run into any particular surprises, whether I will win entrance into the second round or part ways at the first.




  1. Rex Jameson says:

    Hey Parker,

    I think the most important thing you can do to get noticed is put out the next book, and then the one after that. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. It’s a lot harder for that approach to work nowadays because the competition for readers has gone up with the entrance of so many independent authors. There’s a flood of books available and getting noticed is more difficult now.

    Putting out more books will help. Giving a few copies away on Goodreads and LIbraryThing might help as well. I gave away Lucifer’s Odyssey for 4 days on Amazon at the end of January, and the result was that I sold ~200 copies for 3.99 from February 1-8. That’s more than I had sold in all the past months combined, whether at 0.99 or 2.99.

    I wouldn’t put all your worth into this Penguin contest. With so many entries, your chances are slim–but that has nothing to do with talent. Losing a contest like that can come down to genre and safety for the judges. In fact, that’s pretty much how the whole industry operates. Agents and publishers play the numbers, and if they don’t feel your topic is “hot” right now, they won’t take a chance on it. That’s why self-publishing is going to continue to grow. And that’s why you should write your next book.

    If you are serious about trying the traditional publishing route, having several books available for them to read only increases your chances of landing a book deal. Give it another go, imo!

    • haparker321 says:

      The way I look at it goes like this: I entered a contest with 10,000 other contestants and 2,000 will be selected. My hope at this point is to be among the 2,000 that will be selected or as many people have entered the contest.

      I am well aware that I should not be the one to put all the eggs in the basket; that would be quite harmful. Nevertheless, I thought about it and believe there might be a chance with it.

      Yeah I know about the genre the book is in and that really depends on who is willing to see that the book I wrote on could actually be a ‘hot topic.’ With avid readers looking into the DaVinci Code and the like, my book might be the next one in line.

      I am working on my next book.


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