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THE RESURRECTION opens with a biotechnician who recently brought back the New Testament writers into the 21st Century by the use of reproductive cloning. Through a series of business meetings and friendly acquaintances, the main protagonist, Clark Ravensdale, feels the extreme divisive pressures from the scientific and religious communities.

Whether a physical resurrection expands scientific achievement or violates the supernatural, Clark remains neutral at Bancroft Enterprises, despite both forces seeking to make him support scientific advancement or protect the sanctity of life. Even with attempting to maintain his role as a maverick among these preconceived agendas, the influences from his climatic episodes from day-to-day dealing with Bancroft Enterprises forces Clark to make a decision.

The novel’s hypothesis of bio-ethical issues would be a satisfying addition to the medical and science fiction markets. This conventional platform allows readers to develop an engaged interest in science, miracles, and Christianity, all while attempting to understand humanity’s quest for the meaning of God. The RESURRECTION (85,000) reveals the motivating factors behind reproductive cloning and the potential dangers from making the wrong political and religious alliances that influence of modern science.



  1. Rex Jameson says:

    Have you tried looking at the blurbs and pitches at Query Shark?

    Janet Reid has been picking apart novel pitches for many years, and she does a wonderful job of breaking down how agents and publishers might look at your submission. I took her advice to heart, even though I decided against traditional publication, and I still stick to her advice when writing a new blurb.

    Here’s my shot at your sales pitch. Feel free to reject it or incorporate it as you see fit. What I’ve tried to do is give your summary an edge that makes the reader feel like big things are going to happen in your novel. I haven’t read the book, so I can’t tell if this is accurate, but it might give you an idea of where to go next. I think what you have above is too dry without the suspense or action that will prompt an agent or publisher to snag your pitch from the slush pile and give it a chance. Hope it helps.

    Biotechnician Clark Ravensdale toils away at his cell samples, moments away from the biggest reproductive cloning breakthrough to ever hit the newswire. But unbeknownst to him, the DNA his bosses at Bancroft Enterprises have given him was extracted from religious artifacts that originated in the time of Christ. Unwittingly, Clark resurrects the disciples of the New Testament into modern times and sets off a media and political firestorm that will forever change the world.

    The Resurrection is an 85,000 word biomedical speculative fiction novel that investigates the roll of science and human introspection in our quest for greater understanding of God.

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