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Meaning of Sin: Use of It

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Of the few things which irritate me to no end (beside the misuse of the term sin), is when people attempt to come up with some strange alternative to the Bible story, as if there could be some phony explanation. Though I am interested in learning about what these authors have to say and how creative they can get, sometimes I am amazed if not appalled at the kinds of spinoffs these authors can create.

The latest title featured in this pseudo-biblical genre, Jesus the Extraterrestrial, seems to go right in the face of general fact: Jesus claims to be God. Even with the suspension of disbelief, I still wonder exactly where one gets this notion that Christ was extraterrestrial, the Bible or the History Channel? I’m sure there are ways of understanding Christ’s ascension as a kind of ‘extraterrestrial’ type of feeling in the end, but how does this guy explain Christ’s pre-existence and the earthly ministry?

I am not trying to dissolve Christ’s importance; however, I cannot truly fathom my mind upon the focus of his absence and resurrection. I know what I am saying is (in a sense) hypocritical, seeing that I used the New Testament Writers as ‘raised’ figures from the dead. The main reason I chose the writers instead of Jesus is precisely because of this concern, namely, because the authors of the pseudo-biblical genre tend to question whether Christ was truly God in the flesh or raised by God (the Father) from the grave.

In this circumstance, I want to point out a couple of things that I suggest when I wrote my book i.e., the Resurrection. First, I am fully aware of the impossibilities I pose in the novel. Reproductive cloning, despite its benefits, will never reproduce the original. Why? Because the originals do not have the ‘same souls’ of the original. The only thing that does happen with human embryo cloning is the fact that one is going through the troubles of creating an ‘identical twin’ of the original person.

Second, the day scientists could resurrect the dead is the same day I reject Biblical Christianity because the implications of this ‘possibility’ would mean there would be no need for the Gospel or its power, seeing that anyone can literally return from the dead. So why did I use reproductive cloning in my novel? The answer is fairly simple: literary convention. Instead of using some type of hypothetically unrealistic method to reach out to my audience, I chose to use reproductive cloning as the official ‘tenor’ to express my ideas about the New Testament Writers.

Third, the major point I attempted to convey with the Resurrection is this: even if God permitted for the New Testament Writers appear, there is little or no evidence that the writers would ever decide to say something radically different about their book. In most cases, the authors who write books for these ‘pseudo-biblical’ genres tend to believe half of the nonsense they write. On the other hand, I know for a fact that the writers could never come back unless God decides to make a supernatural intervention and that’s what I chose to put down as one of the official scenes in my book.

Hence, if anyone were to understand the major differences between myself and other authors of the pseudo-biblical fiction, let it be known that I am not a writer who believes in any of these tenets of pseudo-biblical fiction or scientism.



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