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One More Negative Review

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Prior to resuming my posts of good reviews, I thought I should make one more post of a poor review. This time, the book comes from not actually reading the entire content of the book; the overall structure of the book and lack of depth are sufficient reasons to give the work its undesirable grade. While dialogue is the considerably the bulk of the entire story (in the sense that it advances the storyline by revealing either character or plot), having too much of it simply renders the story useless.

Even with the intentions of making the story seem interesting, the only impression an author gives to his reader is this: the story is actually a screenplay. No setting, no character intro, no body dialogue, just dialogue et voila a script for a movie. Having spent a semester’s worth of time writing one, and nearly flunking the class because I lost my screenplay on a jump drive (the teacher was nice enough to let me write another one), I came to recognize the differences between novel and television.

Regarding the contents of my critique, I hope one understands that I am not judging the author personally with what I put forth; he or she needs to accept the fact that in order to captivate the reader, there must be more effort put into the work. In order to fix problems about this book, I would recommend any independent author or beginning writer to look into the field of fiction by picking up some non-fiction books on writing. The best book I would start with would be Noah Lukeman’s The First Five Pages. At least when someone finishes the book, he or she will be able to get the general basis and expectation the audience has for a book.



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