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Me and Cousin ‘IT’

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On the many subjects that tend to irk me to end is whenever some sprinkles just a little too much of ‘IT.’ I am not sure what is in ‘IT’ that makes people feel extremely special, but let me tell you something, I find ‘IT’ horribly annoying if I find this indefinite pronoun without knowing exactly what the author is referring to. In this post, I was trying to be somewhat humorous with the title, especially upon the reference to the hairy monster from the Adam’s Family a.k.a. cousin ‘IT.’

Yes, in some ways I think ‘IT’ is a cute creature, especially when it scurries around in the Adam’s family mansion squeaking here and there over certain things. I can tell you sometimes you are left wondering what exactly he is talking about. I can express the same feelings toward authors who pepper their manuscripts with the pronoun expecting everyone to understand what he or she talks about in the manuscript. For most cases, I rarely try to follow along with the book; instead, I take my black pen and circle the amount of times a person uses the phrase in a single page. The last novel I read, I remembered counting so many uses of the pronoun ‘IT’ that I lost count after the number fifty-five.

For some strange reason, authors expect audiences to believe they should not be criticized for not fixing these problems, but I tend to wonder what would their expectations are for the readers they sell the books to, do they think the audience will not notice? While I may come off as just rambling in front of the audience, I am trying my best to get authors to understand that readers need a concise path to understand what you are talking about in books whether these writings consist of a miniature collection of plays and poems or are part of a complete novel.

If you do not make the story clear, how else are readers to put up with the work?



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