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Penguin Contest: Round Two

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Though I have never entered any contest before in my life, I am anxiously waiting upon the results of the judges for entering my book, ‘The Resurrection’ shortly before the end of January (as matter of fact, 1/24; I stood up until midnight to make an entry). Recently, I returned to Create-Space website to learn that I have a second round and quarter-final feedback option on the right hand side of the computer screen as you can see here:


Now the question I would like to know is this: Did the book make it to round two? Although I am feeling quite excited about the results, I am not sure exactly what the entirety of the above screenshot is suggesting here. If the novel did make it to second round, I will continue to wait upon hearing what the judges have to say about the novel in and of itself. Perhaps I am underestimating my writing capacities by entering this work at the beginning. If all goes well, the novel might even make it up to the quarter-finals as part of the third round. Keep in mind the number of contestants shrinks as the competitive stakes get higher. On the flip side, there is a good chance that the novel did not make it past the first round and the book needs a lot more effort before re-entering the same item next year.

Whatever the circumstances are, I am hoping to use the contest as a measurement of my own successes in personal writing. After all, I submitted my book to a series of strangers who are going to glance, examine, and judge where my book stands in competition among other writers in the field. The thing that worries me the most is failure. If I cannot make my book go past the first round, either my standards are too soft for other writers or, that I might have to go back to the drawing board about writing development. With reading, reviewing, and commenting on other people’s works, I have learned what to look for in the fields and attempt to appeal to my reading audience.

Hopefully, I might get somewhere in the contest.




  1. K. A. Jordan says:

    I entered a few years back – I remember the suspense.

    Good luck! Hope you get some really great feedback.

    • haparker321 says:

      Oh I got some response, it was quite interesting. You’ll find out next week.

      • K. A. Jordan says:

        Good to hear – I had 2 Vine reviews. They were interesting.

      • haparker321 says:

        What’s a ‘vine’ review? BTW, how did you hear of this website?

      • K. A. Jordan says:

        I found you by by the comment you made on my blog. “He Shot the Laptop” is the name of the post.

        In the ABNA contest there are several phases – I think the 3rd cut is by review from Amazon’s Reviewers – called ‘Vine Reviewers’. One of mine compared my novel to an ‘egg salad sandwich’ which I thought was quite amusing, though not particularly helpful.

        I hope you do well. It is so exciting to get into the next stage.

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