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And the Heat Goes On

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Before I return to discussing about character inspiration, I thought I should put in one or two more thoughts about the writing contest (I mentioned one or two because by the time this post is read, I probably have the results to answer my own questions, and I will either rejoice with gladness that I made it to the second round or, shake my head in bewilderment). Now that my mind is clearing up from all the possibly exciting thoughts about the contest itself, I want to highlight some of the possible advantages and disadvantages that my novel carried throughout the storyline. If I list out the possible advantages and disadvantages, I might be able to weigh and find out where I stand in the field of fiction.

Novel’s Advantages:

  • Original plot-line
  • Catchy Synopsis
  • Short prologue
  • Good story flow
  • Natural dialogue
  • Nearly flawless manuscript

For a biotechnician to ‘resurrect’ someone from the dead to satisfy religious apprehension, this should be a surefire plan to pull someone’s interest into the book. Even though I did not receive all the feedback I could get from sending an inquiry to different reviewers, I am positive that I received a few different remarks and requests from different bloggers who wanted to read my book personally. Though I did receive a few declines (mostly because these readers weren’t interested in religious fiction), I am certain the topics of religion and cloning would pull someone’s interest.

Prior to submitting the manuscript, I met a few different readers (e.g. Brian Kittrel and Rex Jameson) who pointed out a couple of flaws in the manuscript. Due to their keen sense of editing, I want to point out this played a significant role in getting the book with a second revisit after a year’s worth of publication and revamping the book to reader’s demands. With this kind of help, I want to see if the judges will take the book into serious consideration for publication. Apart from the tedious editing, I was told the book had good story flow which leads the reader into looking beyond the first five pages.

Novel’s Disadvantages:

  • Moderate use of sexuality and profanity
  • Weak character development
  • Poor execution
  • Questions Christianity

Out of the entire novel, the only thing I should worry about is poor execution and development of character. Sure, I tend to think the rest of the concerns are part of reasons why I could not see my book grabbing someone’s interests (mostly because some of my readers were Christians themselves). However, I would not consider that much of a problem for disqualification in a secular writing contest. In comparison to the other adult books, I have remained quite moderate and fairly conservative in the styles of my writing.

Second, I wrote my book out with the intention to show what the world could be like with the New Testament writers living in today’s world. Like I said in an earlier post, I could have used an alternative approach apart from the scientific method, but I did not feel the need to create some cheap deux ex machina type of approach to the book. The idea would be cheap and unfair to everyone who bothered to read my work.

For those who think that the storyline is unreal, I would not imagine someone writing a lot better than what I already posited in the book. I think I can remember someone exposing my book as ‘Jurrasic Park meets the Bible’ (something I think would be pretty funny if I named the writers after dinosaurs or perhaps featured the writers in some type of theme park). Nevertheless, I think most of these people who refuse to read anything I wrote in the book are doing so out of prejudice and hearsay, not actually because of anything actually wrong with the book.

To put this short, I think I have a lot more advantages that make my book somewhat sellable to the average reader.



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