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Next Poor Review: Catching Water in a Net

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Note: The basis of this review is limited. Although the author has forwarded me their complete manuscript, I have refrained from further reading because the book lacks a particular element in its writing. All grades are based on honest evaluations and will be supplemented by a couple of examples to prove my point.

Catching Water in a Net

By J.L. Abramo

 Cold Honest Truth:

  • This book has less sophistication than a comic strip.


Whenever somebody glances at a manuscript, most people can easily tell the kind of book the author has put out there for the public. If the book has block paragraphs and little or no dialogue, it’s going to be a tough read. If the book has too much dialogue, the reader is not going to have a dire urge to call the work excellent; he or she will garner the writing as a form of ‘screen play.’ The overall attempt when someone tries to write a book is to obtain the ability to achieve the balance between dialogue and plot. I would not absolutely consider the book an excellent source that achieves that; instead, the book completely remains unbalanced as a work of writing. Although I should say something regarding the actual content of the book, the presentation of the information interferes far too much with the main storyline; hence, the reason for the grade.


Even though the author has given his characters a ‘voice’ through the pages of dialogue interaction, I am more apt to say that the writing is not sufficient enough to prove these characters as either round or realistic. In fact, if one were to go through the entire ten chapters, he or she can easily get the impression that the manuscript is better fit for a screen play than an actual novel. Think about it: why expect readers to use their imaginations where there is little or nothing said about the first setting of the story altogether? The other problem the book has created within the first two pages is the sense of melodrama. The lack of speech tags, short pauses, and far too casual conversation makes me feel like I am being warped into a parodied black and white murder mystery.

The last thing that forced me to put the book down from further reading is the overuse of clichés and poor analogies. How personable is an Office Depot catalog? How many cents does it take to get the ties dry cleaned? This is not an amusing read.


See above note.

Cover Design:  A+

Great cover!

Formatting: D

Speech tags, page numbers, and justified texts are all part of the same reasons why readers like myself do not think the book merits beyond the grade given. I find the book tremendously difficult to follow without any of these.


Overall Grade:




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