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It’s Official: I Did NOT Make It

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While the time it took for me to write this post was about a week (give or take), I felt that I had to share this post only after calming down from the mental anxiety that came from finding out the results. Now that I know where I stand, there are a couple of things I can definitely say about the contest.

First, I lied.

I thought the last 2,000 contestants were for fiction only; little I did realize that this number is split into two groups: (1) General Fiction and (2) YA Fiction. Although I should have known better, I probably need to do some more thinking about the concept of reading things more carefully before jumping into a hype of finding greater chances.

Now that I have gotten that problem out-of-the-way, let me comment on the second thing: religion is not everyone’s thing. While I could probably imagine reviewers wanting to read all sorts of genres, I have to come to respect the fact that not everyone is completely intrigued by religion. In fact, like most other readers out there, people probably have differing tastes and ideals. With that said, I could probably say that anyone out there would definitely be turned off with the genre I engaged in.

Now here comes the worst part namely, the pitch just plain ol’ sucked. I know that is probably the hardest thing I have to face, but as a writer, I need to be honest with myself. If the pitch really did not pull the reader, that just means I need to spend a lot more time reading and revising the pitch to make sure that what I am saying will pull the reader for the kill. Although I think this is the main reason why I did not further into the contest, I think that is probably something that needs to be worked on to make my work more sellable. If you honestly disagree with what I have to say, feel free to leave a comment on this post or the pitch post that I set up.




  1. Rex Jameson says:

    Sorry to hear that Parker. Did you try toying around with the pitch ideas I made in the other post? If you want to give it another go, I’d really take a look at Query Shark. She’s been doing this for a long time, and she’s an agent. She knows EXACTLY what they are looking for.

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