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Why not make it FREE?

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Now that I have been well rested this coming week, I suppose there was enough time for me to resume back to my job as a blogger. While I remained ways away from the computer, I have discovered a few things to say that are worthwhile.

Fortunately, Smash Words is one of them.

During the short recess, I returned to the website to find another feature that makes publishers wince and authors grumble. No, I’m not talking about the already ridiculously low prices which make the book look good, as before described on my other post. I’m talking about the ‘name-your-price’ option that Smash Words recently decided to come out with. Rather than paying the standard e-book price of 99¢, you can now pay whatever you (the reader) feel is the best price for that book.

Sometimes I imagine these authors using the tool to persuade themselves that some ridiculously stupid reader will pay them a handsome amount of money for the book the author decides to write regardless of how crappy these books could be. Perhaps there is that sense of self-delusion that comes from authors in hopes of desperation because they could not find a more incredulously effective plan to sell their book.

In case you are wondering why I would say these things, let me point a common truth authors should get. Whenever someone creates a ‘name-your-price’ option, most people who hear these words will try to get the product at the lowest price available. If it’s up for sale at $2.99, great! If it’s for 99¢, that’s even better. The funny part about this whole option at Smash Words is that this option is totally unregulated. In other words, you can ‘purchase’ a book for an incredible price of (you guessed it) FREE.

The question I would ask the authors and Smash Words publishing would be this: why exactly would one need to have the ‘name-your-price’ option when making the book free would be even better? Why go through with the hassles of this option is the lowest possible price is $0.00?

Perhaps, if authors were serious about their book commitments, there would be no need to deal with these troubles.



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