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Authors Say the Darnest Things!

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While I did a little more running around through the internet, I ran across another well to do stupid synopsis from book rooster. Although I was invited to read these books over time, I started to reject most of these books in the same way writers would most have me NOT do.

Why? Read into the brief book description of this book and tell me what you think.

“Missing” By Barry Crowther

Debt collector Matt Spears isn’t having a good day. He’s being framed by the cops over an alleged assault and has inexplicably found himself indebted to the blind, but ruthless gangster, Vincent Barbour. When Barbour’s supposedly dead niece, Emma, surfaces in a graphic sexual video on a porn site, he asks Matt to find her in exchange for wiping the slate clean. Within a matter of hours, Matt is plunged into a world of sex, blackmail and murder. Trying to unravel the mysteries of a troubled young girl’s disappearance, he discovers the dark side of the porn industry, complicated family secrets, government corruption, sadistic gangsters, and narcissistic celebrities who all come together to find a girl who is simply … missing.

Debt collector…indebted, these words make the storyline sound redundant and somewhat ironic. I would imagine some humor behind this (the fact that a debt collector ‘owes’ money to someone else), but not with a pornography industry. The connection between both worlds does not make sense whatsoever. If there was an element that tied the story’s plotline, then yes I would imagine someone writing something better.

Let’s not forget the author’s play of words. ‘Missing’ is in the title, ‘missing’ is in the synopsis, and I am willing to bet that ‘missing’ will appear at least another three hundred times in the manuscript. No need to worry about the ‘missing’ theme of the story. If someone has something ‘missing’ in the book, it’s this: let the reader make the conclusion. I do not know how many times someone has to repeat this, but there comes a time when authors need to realize that their manuscript needs a second look, hopefully before publication.



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