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My Adventure with Tate Publishing

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After browsing through face book, I came across one of my friends who shared a picture of their book contract with a publisher. My first thought was the thought that this was something another ‘independent’ (Self-publishing/vanity) company who wanted you to pay upfront for the designs, formatting, and an assigned ISBN. When I did an internet search online about the company, I learned that not only was I entirely wrong about the presumption of this book contract, I also realized the company was a traditional novel which did not need a literary agent (which was something I needed).

As I looked into the website, I read some more about the manuscript submission and decided to look into submission. While I did something to that extent (submit a manuscript), I did not realize how quickly read was the novel that I put into print. Over the past few days, I tried to make contact to speak with the first founder (Dr. Tate), but I wound up with a staff assistant instead. To my surprise, after being told that the staff will talk to me in a matter of days, I learned through an email that the assistant wanted to speak with me ASAP.

The reason: I love your style.

Since I did not make an immediate contact with the company, I was blown away by the immediate reception to my book (in fact, the assistant said she already read the prologue and the first chapter). So with the ongoing drama with the manuscript, I am waiting on seeing what becomes of her response. Is it possible that I am going to make a break into the publishing world and create a specific brand or franchise of my own books? I am not even sure if my book will get that far, but I am positive that I might make it somewhere.

Nevertheless, I can be quite wrong as seen from the last time I wrote about my entry into the book contest provided by Create Space. I am looking into seeing what will become of this manuscript and where I need to be going with it in the future.




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