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Tate Date Update

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While I continued to contemplate upon the idea of choosing a traditional publisher to look at my work, there were a couple of concerns that I had in mind with the project overall. Though the name of the book publishing company sounded original, the benefits it offered was all too good to be true. So while I decided to look into the publishing company further, they required that I would pay at least a refundable $4,000 deposit as a kind of investment (which was something that I did not have).

Were I to have the money, I would not have any troubles giving this money over in an attempt to receive money back. However, there is something that I would like to ask anyone in Tate publishers. What exactly makes your company a ‘traditional’ publishing company in the first place? I can understand having a want to create a type of hybrid between self-publishing companies (e.g. create space, iuniverse, infinity etc.) and the traditional aspects behind them; however, offering the idea that you are a ‘traditional’ publishing company with a (refundable) heavy price tag for advertising costs not only brings suspicion to the company, but also a bad name.

I will admit that the benefits are better than what you are looking for in comparison to the other companies with very heavy price tags (Xulon, Xlibris, and Westbow Press), I tend to think that a little more clarity will make the company seem better than just using Tate publishing spokesmen to handle the issue. I would rather have some concrete evidence from speaking to these authors personally. Though a sample contract does give a waiver of that fee (given that your book has proven a reasonably good sell), the first costs to discover that author is quite difficult in that nature.

Again, as before mentioned money is a serious issue. Traditional publishing companies usually give you an advance in exchange for temporarily taking royalties from the books until the difference is made. That is usually how the business of traditional publishing houses works; these are investors who believe in your product and are willing to do anything to make sure that your work becomes a franchise. If authors cannot think of publishing in that sense, then there would be no need to be picky about the selection process.



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