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Hunger Games Review

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My renewed enthusiasm for science fiction could not have come at a greater time than in the beginning of early April. I have spent many weeks working on several different projects (besides writing posts for this blog), but nothing has been as rejuvenating and as exciting as the hunger games. I was not entirely aware of the stories plotline other than watching the entire movie with my younger brother. Fortunately, for him, he had the chance to fill me in with the main storyline.

Though I did not think the movie was terrible, I definitely wanted to find an opportunity to actually read the book. There was much information that was missing from the movie that did not make as much as sense as I would initially thought. The teenagers fighting each other for the glorification of their district made some sense to the picture, but still remained insufficient. So the movie did prompt me to read the first book. When I discovered the needed background information, I think the book’s plotline sounds driven with more of an evolutionary message than one would have to imagine.

I heard from a friend about the storyline itself i.e., posing similarity with the book-to-movie, Battle Royale, but from what I read with the basic plotline, there are several major differences to make the book entirely different to make the work original. For instance, the Japanese book originates with a class where everyone knows each other personally. The Hunger Games thinks differently where the people fight from other unknown districts. The other major difference is that the class fights for pure entertainment to suffice a law because the adults fear the youth. For Hunger Games, most people are fighting to make sure a surplus of food and wealth, very evolutionary.

Though I should personally read Battle Royale, I tend to think the book pose much interest for me personally because I think the idea has multiple viewpoints which can be quite confusing for the reader and the book comes in Manga form (aka Japanese Comic Books). While I should lay my prejudices aside, much of that difficulty and experiences with Japanese plotlines have not been all that great for me to look into the books entirely.

Nevertheless, I want to point out something clear: both books have good storylines. I hope with this insight, much can be said about the world of science fiction.



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