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Lessons on Social Darwinism

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Immediately after the course of the movie, I decided that now was the best time to involve myself with reading the book. Surprisingly, I managed to find myself a descent deal with Barnes and Noble, getting myself a paperback copy and not the novel of the book (for the sake of prices). Now that I have read the entire book, cover to cover, I managed to weasel out a topic that I could talk about on this post, namely Social Darwinism.

Concerning the course of my first book, The Resurrection, evolutionary thought tends to dominate the thought processes of both characters. Though I do not espouse the view personally, I do want to touch upon the concept in the book. For a while I was not able to pin a thematic view upon the Hunger Games; the book was spell-binding. The pages were breath-taking, Katniss vs. Peeta, Katniss vs. The Capitol. While competition for survival was part of the overall thought, I realized that this was the key to understanding the novel’s message.

In this course of thought, I want to touch upon about Social Darwinism, namely its implications. Having to absorb the thoughts of a dystopian universe, one has to come to realize that an evolutionary provides no hope i.e., it’s a dog eat dog world. If children are to survive in a place where sadistic cruelty is the norm, then they must learn how to survive, especially when it comes to earning more rations. Regarding the viewpoint Katniss provides one also comes to the conclusion that there is hope and responsibility.

I want to focus on book’s main point i.e., achieving hope and focusing on responsibility. For the most part, Katniss believes her chances for survival are slim (from the start), but slowly changes her thoughts toward the end of the game. If there was something that carried her on throughout the book, I would have to argue that her trust was in the ability to reason and ulterior motives. Rather than living for the day’s ration, the main character sought to put an end to something that should not have been in the making over the course of time.

I would even have to point out that she made a choice to sacrifice herself for the sake of preserving the life of another being. For Katniss, she becomes the symbol of sacrificial love which becomes the bottom line for the novel’s theme.

Love Conquers All.

Whenever there is despair in whatever the circumstances are hope and love become the instruments that can be used to conquer the forces of the evils in this world. If one wanted to know a summary of the novel’s theme, it can be summarized like this:

Life is often a cruel joke; sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. It’s dog eat dog world. Survival in this kind of world does not rely on merely physical or social strengths, but also upon the hopes and needs of others and the willingness to dedicate love and sacrifice for the human race.



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