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Before continuing my discussion about Black Coke and other topics, I found another science related article that focuses on the problems of today’s world. Though science is a broad topic that bares relationship with my novel, I wanted to point out to something that overlaps with my novel: euthanasia. After reading about the mother who wishes to ‘euthanize’ her own children because the said states of their beings, I have come to realize two different things.

For starters, this starts with the belief that those who are incapacitated to exercise personal autonomy have no right to live and ought to be designated a ‘spokesman’ in their favor. Unborn children, infants, toddlers, disabled, and the elderly would typically fall into this category. If this belief holds in the minds of the public, then certainly many evils (e.g. abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia) are quite acceptable norms. If this form of belief continues, there will no end to the targeted groups like the ones mentioned above. This belief can even extend to other groups like political opponents, the religious and any other group who may seem as a ‘dangerous undesirable’.

Secondly, I think there is a problem that no everyone fails to discuss: evolutionary implications. While Atheists and other secularists are attempting to find an alternative to fill this ‘moral void’, I want to point out that unless there is an explanation that offers purpose and a series of rules, there really is no decent reason for anyone to believe in a fairness. This is the biggest problem my main character, Clark begins to realize in my book. If there’s something wrong with the clones, trash’em and make another set, right? The void that comes from believing in a purposeless universe is exactly that: purposelessness.

You can try to fill a void with many differing things, ranging from positive thought patterns, ‘freedom’ in personal autonomy, social cooperation, and the like, but you’ll never have a standard that will be transcending and enforceable.



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