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Why Don’t These Covers Match?

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I don’t know what it is with these authors, but I am beginning to see a new fad erupting in the field of self-publishing, specifically with the design of book covers. After making a quick visit to, I began to notice a series of patterns especially in the ‘free’ and ‘name your price’ section. While paying does seem problematic for most authors, I seem to notice the desperation is beginning to pay out, especially when it comes to the DIY type. Through these brief searches, I noticed the book covers these authors are trying to sell do not match either the synopsis or title itself.

For example:


OK, if this is going to be a legal thriller about a scandal in the Supreme Court, who on earth would really buy a book with a ‘sexually explicit’ cover that does not convey the author’s idea. At most, the impression I’ve gotten from this book is that you are trying to create a type of ‘romance’ which might look a little flashier than a playboy magazine cover. What exactly is this book trying to convey here? (Please click on the image.)

Another example:

This cover has thrown me off…big time. The war of the coffee bean really sounds like you are trying to advertise a kid’s novel not a ‘space opera’ or a genuine parody of any science-fiction novel. Even with the personal preferences for hard core, soft, military, and apocalyptic science fiction, I would like to know a little more about this book besides thinking that the book is really a fruitless battle over coffee beans.

Authors, if you are not able to afford any kind of professional help or have any kind of graphic design connections, please, please, please don’t try to make a fool out of yourself. There are plenty of other ways to find the right kind of idea besides slapping a few pictures together to make a cheesy book cover. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to make my book cover ‘sparkle’ with the assistance of a friend from college (especially since he was a graphic design major and had some adobe software). Nevertheless, were I without any of those predicaments, I would definitely taken my book to a professional to make my book look good at least.



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