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A ‘Novel’ Update…

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At this point, I have managed to find some time to produce at least two chapters on my next book ‘The Outsiders’, a book that deals with church cliques. Although the book is a slight break from the first one, I decided to put a pause on the Resurrection series to pursue a topic that seriously needed to be addressed.

After reading the book and watching the movie called ‘The Help’, I found the book to be an inspiration to venture out on this topic, especially since it’s a problem that most Christian churches have. The problems I noticed after attending so many churches seem to be not only a mere repetition, but also an epidemic that drives members out of the parishes so relatively quickly that I would like to think these are worse than the ongoing fight against divorce and pornography.

The issues I see with the churches are twofold; the first involves gossip and slander while the second is the problem with cliques. If there is one thing that happens in churches often plagued by these problems, I would have to say that these are sources that really go hand in hand. While you expect churches to be considered the ‘safe grounds’ for Christians, one can find oneself in another uphill battle, especially on the need to have a sense of belonging to the churched.

While I am not interested in bashing the Christian community, I am more apt in wanting to discuss the that need immediate attention. Hopefully, this post will usher the future of other posts that I will make on this blog as I delve into the topics that most Christian churches need to take care of, especially in the fields of academic writing. I’ll try to keep everyone posted on the developments of this novel and the topics related to church cliques.



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