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What Makes Cliques Dangerous?

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As previously mentioned, a major problem exists within the modern church, specifically on the existence of cliques and the attitude toward the other members. Although I do not have a complete issue with the idea of having a set of sub-groups within the church to serve visitors for all ages, I tend to think the problem comes whenever the group uses itself to define the rules of proper fellowship.

Hence lay the problems with cliques.  

Since I have been saved member of a church for a several years, I became more aware of this issue over the years, especially at college. Though I did not think much of these groups, I tend to realize a whole array of odd accessories that came with the package. One of them includes gossip or as one person called it ‘seeking counsel.’ Whatever could be said, either correctly or misconstrued, oftentimes someone will catch wind of the conversation by passing the information onto another person. Even if the conversation remains 100% factual, there tends to be sense of nosiness and entitlement for a Christian to engage in this need ‘to express concern’ over a matter, regardless of the matter.

For those who do not have issues with this sort of ill engagement, some will have problems with knowing when he or she could have the right to engage properly and make some useful contribution to the conversation without letting someone else dominate the course of the discussion. By the time everything has been possibly said, the subject of the conversation makes its way onto another subject. Whatever’s expressed will become lost or frowned upon especially if someone is not aware of his or her social etiquette.

I have personally experienced troubles with either one scenario or the other and I can tell you that a number of stories of what comes out of people’s mouths when I engage with them in conversation. Even though I try to make progress in my form of social etiquette by listening or showing sincere interest in the form of the conversation that does not mean by any chance no one would have experienced these kinds of problems.

Though there are some ways to make a great conversation, the problem really lies on the fact that everyone can occasionally create a false impression where someone does not get the message right. However, these do not make the problems any less different when dealing with cliques. For those who make a wrong move, the person’s mindset reads the message as “you are invading my conversation, taking the spotlight, and veering it off to cater to your social narcissism.”

In those circumstances, this is where cliques can be remotely dangerous in the course of a church, especially whenever someone wants to feel like they belong.



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