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Exploring Religious Atheism

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Apart from the topic of Christian writing, I want to gently touch upon another topic that I have been dying to discuss about for months. I promise you there are plenty of reasons why I decided to write my book and exposing atheism is just one of them. While I continue to work on writing blog posts on the topic, I want to point out that my book isn’t all about mocking or decrying Atheism; rather, I intend to create ‘shock’ for the Atheist reader. While atheists might find amusement to religion in general, I tend to find this as means of opportunity to turn the tables around.

You see, as a writer and a Christian I see atheism as this type of anti-intellectual outlet for a vast amount of responsibilities. I mean, if you’re going to criticize religion, specifically Christianity as being anti-intellectual, you should look at all the tenable theories they all postulate as substitute for legitimately feasible Christian doctrine:

  • Instead of saying ‘God created the universe’, most Atheists postulate that ‘aliens’ did (which has very little or no proof).
  • Instead of saying ‘God created man’, most Atheists will assure the core belief that monkeys were our ancestors (with the use of DNA tests and an incomplete fossil record).
  • Instead of succumbing to the mathematical and physical impossibilities of evolutionary survival, most Atheists attempt to dispel this thinking by postulating that time and a scientifically rigged computer program proves the exception.
  • Instead of succumbing to the big bang theory, Atheists have developed another explanation with the multiple theories of universe regression (again, no proof).
  • Instead of accepting the fact that one needs a universal standard that transcends humanity (as mentioned previously here), most Atheists naively assert that you can be good without God (even though they cannot answer this question: What moral form of conduct should we use to determine someone’s actions as good?)

Again, these so called ‘theories,’ ‘hypothesis,’ or what I like to call random guesses are all but cheesy excuses to explain the obvious: God’s existence. Sadly, I am only half way through their anti-intellectual ramblings; there are another set of practices they use to get themselves out there that makes them resemble the same religious zealots they criticize. While I am going to delve into those topics until later on, I will tell you this about atheism: don’t believe their arguments; they’re remotely intellectual.






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  1. ME Brines says:

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