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Why Evolution Could Not Be True

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Though I am not an expert in the field of biology, I am willing to still point out the errors in the fields of science when either the evidences are contradictory or the conclusions do not fit in with the evidences. Hence, these are the reasons why I started this blog article. After reading a brief description of the evidences from the author himself, I began to realize a couple of mistakes in his form of thinking:

“Among the wonders that science has uncovered about the universe, no subject has sparked more fascination and fury than evolution. Yet in all the ongoing debates about creationism and its descendant, “intelligent design,” one element of the controversy is rarely mentioned: the evidence, the empirical truth of evolution by natural selection. And that evidence is vast, varied, and magnificent, drawn from a huge spectrum of scientific inquiry ranging from genetics, anatomy, and molecular biology to paleontology and geology.”

Yes, evidence is one of the many things that should always be included when discussing evolution. I’m not sure if the author gets the picture but let’s summarize the facts about the subject. For starters, let me point out that (1) mutations process takes a matter of time which has its (2) high odds against the goals trying to be accomplished. Not only does the author candidly admit these observations, the problem I don’t think he mentions is that natural processes do not make ‘decisions’ on their own; in fact, rarely if ever something would produce something intentionally complex i.e., specified complexity.

Sure, there are plenty of sugar, salt, and ice crystals that can be made at random from the natural environment; however, the working world of nature does not produce something with a specific intention in mind e.g., the hand, the eye, or the foot. While I continue to discuss further into the topic of evolution, I want to show you that one of top motivations to write my book from an Atheist’s perspective is to show the problems with evolution and its bunk sciences overall.






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