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Why Haven’t I Been Online in Such a Long Time?

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In order for everyone to understand, it has been roughly about three years since my last post and guess what? A lot has been going on for me during those months as I have been working away from this blog. Even though the times spent away from the blog, I want no one to think that I have decided to hang up my pen and put my writing skills aside; if you have really thought that I was doing something to that effect, I would have to inform you that you are gravely mistaken.

Although my jobs has kept me partially away from this website, it’s not because of a major writer’s block that I have encountered. There are too many writing projects that I have to even consider this notion as a tremendous factor. In fact, ever since I have stepped away from the blogging-author world, my writing projects have still continued to increase from then, especially in terms of plotting out a sequel to this book and writing out another blog for this article.

However, these are not the primary reasons why I have decided to step aside in the blogging-author world.

The main reason why I have chosen not to write on this blog is due to the simple fact that I have had a major battle with depression—and no, it’s not the drug necessity kind. There has been a lot going on in my personal life that I am not going to rehash on this blog or go into excessive detail; I have created another blog to express those sentiments entirely.

Nevertheless, there has been a lot of personal issues that I have been struggling over the past few months where I felt that the time being away from the computer has been something I personally needed. Though my writing skills have not remained stagnant, I have used another blogosphere as a therapeutic means to resolve some of the personal sentiments that I did not want to be carrying over whenever I start discussing any subject pertaining to my personal books.

With that being said, I think that being absent on this blog post for over 24 months has not been good either for me as the author or the audiences, of whom I write for. I do hope no one has taken what I have written on this post personally—I am still wanting to rebuild that audience that I have lost over the past few months.

I hope you can bear with me.



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